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RELAXED, UNUSUAL, HOMELY The cottage has everything, necessary for comfortable spending of leisure time. You will be thrilled with the unusual furnishings…


A CLEARING IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST The cottate is located in the middle of a forest, on the edge of a bigger clearing, ideal for watching the wildlife in the forest, meadow, pond, …


Are you looking for an escape from the crazy world and somewhere you can recharge your batteries? You are in the right place! Forest cottage Studeno is the right answer to the question.
The settlement Studeno (Brunnsee) got its name from the cold well, of which the first historical record exists in 1588. Then the first inhabitants of the region – Gotteschers (German settlers of the Kočevje region) in the small valley between villages Knežja Lipa (Graflinded), Rimsko (Romergrund), Kačji potok (Otterbach) in Svetli Potok (Lichtenabck) put up their first residences.


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Vasja Marinč, 2018
Gozdna koča Studeno Gozdna koča Studeno
WARNING! THE COTTAGE IS FOUND IN THE INFINITE FORESTS OF KOČEVSKA REGION! The   lodge   has   electricity   which   is   a   miracle   in   itself   and   a   somewhat   longer   story.   The   electricity provides   underfloor   heating   for   the   kitchen,   the   “Yugo-nostalgic”   room   and   living   area   though   the building   is   mainly   heated   with   the   three   fireplaces   and   two   stoves.   The   rainwater   is   filtered   and   can be   used   for   cooking,   showering   and   brushing   teeth.   We   advise   that   for   drinking   bottled   water   which is   provided   is   used,   to   be   on   the   safe   side.   The   water   is   not   in   infinite   supply!    If   the   water   runs out, the fire brigade must deliver it from Kočevje.
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Gozdna koča Studeno - Knežja Lipa 8, 1330 Kočevje - info@studeno.si - 00386 41 410 841
English translation by Ana Krkovic